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Virtual Aviators is a class leading virtual airline that gives you the freedom to fly the globe in a mixture of real world based airlines and their respective fleets.

All out operations are based on real world routes and we have over 6300 routes available to fly in everything from Cessna's to Airbus A380's!

Friendly. Safe & Secure

At Virtual Aviators you will find a virtual aviation group with a friendly, welcoming & laid back atmosphere. We prefer that you enjoy your flying rather than worrying about taking mock tests or jumping through hoops to fly how you want to fly. That's why we're still here after 5 years and why many Virtual Airlines have fallen by the way side.

Top Airlines, More Fun.

We hand pick our airlines, not just randomly selected like others. Our airlines range from small carriers such as Links Air & Aurginy Air Services through to major carriers such as Thomson, Thomas Cook, Easyjet, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Monarch, Jet2, Flybe, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta Airlines, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Cathay Pacific & Dragonair

Coming soon United (Post-Merger)

Recreate Iron Maidens World Tour

Iron Maiden Logo

After bringing you Flight 666, Virtual Aviators is proud to be the First and Only virtual airline to bring you the 2016 Book of Souls World Tour

You can take Ed Force One, Iron Maidens Boeing 747-400 round the world (virtually) visiting all the tour locations

Sadly we cant recreate the shows for you, Mssr's Dickinson, Harris, McBrain, Murray and Gers we are not ;)

Do it at your leisure and when you're done, you find the prestigious "Virtual Book of Souls" award on your profile!

Check out the dedicated page for more info!

Iron Maiden Logo

Meet our member airlines

Virtual Aviators members can fly the network of all these airlines from one website, with one login.


Aerologic - 3S/BOX "BOX"

Air Atlanta Icelandic

Air Atlanta Icelandic - CC/ABD "ICELANDIC"

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand - NZ/ANZ "NEW ZEALAND"

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus - EI/EIN "SHAMROCK"

Aurigny Air Services

Aurigny Air Services - GR/AUR "AYLINE"

BA Openskies

BA Openskies - EC/BOS "MISTRAL"

British Airways

British Airways - BA/BAW "SPEEDBIRD"

BA Cityflyer

BA Cityflyer - CJ/CFE "FLYER"

BMI Regional

BMI Regional - BD/BMR "Kittiwake"

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific - CX/CPA "CATHAY"


Conder - DE/CFG "CONDOR"

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines - DL/DAL "Delta"


DragonAir - HD/HDA "DRAGON"


EasyJet - U2/EZY "EASY"

Eastern Airways

Eastern Airways - T3/EZE "EASTFLIGHT"


Emirates - EK/UAE "Emirates"


FlyBE - BE/BEE "Jersey"



FSUK Cargo

FSUK Cargo GS/GSS "Jet Lift"


Monarch - ZB/MON "MONARCH"


Ryanair - FR/RYR "RYANAIR"

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook - MT/TCX "KESTREL"


Thomson - BY/TOM "THOMSON"

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic - VS/VIR "VIRGIN"




Iceland - FI/ICE "ICEAIR"

Flights In Progress

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Latest Flight Bookings

Pilot Name
A/C Type
EZY6267 EGGD LKPR Alan Jones A319-100
TOM582 EGGD KSFB Simon O'Smotherly B767-300ER
MON7516 EGNM LEPA Neil Warman A320-200
TCX7296 EGSS LCLK Dimitri Panayi A321-200
TCX1016 EGKK LCLK Dimitri Panayi A321-200
TCX1133 GCTS EGBB Peter Cracknell A320-200
GSS9083 EGSS EGPK Alan Grindrod B747-400F
ABD666W KDEN KLGB Keith Mann B747-400
TCX1132 EGBB GCTS Peter Cracknell A320-200
EZE4607 ENZV EGPD Roy Engervik S2000

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EI - DCO ready for her return flight. Get the kettle on
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About Us

Virtual Aviators Group was formed in 2009 (as Flight Sim UK) and grew to become a Virtual Airline that is always striving to be the leader in its class.

Many other VA's have are now starting to follow our model of allowing our members to fly for multiple airlines giving them freedom and choice to fly how they want to fly and truly become, Virtual Aviators. We will always lead, never follow.