Top 100 Landings of All Time

The table below shows the top 100 landings of all time. (When an aircraft is blank it dictates the aircraft is no longer in service

Pilot Aircraft Landed at Landing Rate Date Landed
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyEGKK-421/06/2011
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400LFBE-1209/05/2015
EZY0287 - Alan ReidDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EDDV-1403/04/2014
DAL0254 - Christopher PeaceBoeing 757-200EFKT-1430/01/2016
DAL0001 - Nick HardingAirbus A320-200EIDW-1524/06/2010
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyBoeing 747-400FIMP-1603/12/2011
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGNT-1621/07/2014
RYR0176 - Alan JonesAirbus A319-100EGGD-1716/09/2015
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 737-800LEVC-1722/12/2015
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyBoeing 737-800KSLC-1716/12/2016
RYR0176 - Alan JonesLEPA-1813/12/2013
DAL0001 - Nick HardingLERS-1906/02/2011
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlAirbus A319-100LFKB-1904/06/2017
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 767-300LIRF-2022/09/2014
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400LFBL-2214/08/2014
DAL0254 - Christopher PeaceAirbus A320-200YSSY-2213/07/2018
DAL0001 - Nick HardingLTFE-2324/04/2014
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 757-200KDTW-2331/03/2016
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlAirbus A320-200EDDT-2325/02/2017
RYR0176 - Alan JonesDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGFF-2606/08/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 747-400YSSY-2708/07/2011
RYR0176 - Alan JonesMcDonnel Douglas MD-88KORD-2814/01/2014
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlAirbus A321-200EDDS-2924/07/2017
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 737-800LEIB-3011/06/2012
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 777-200ERKBOS-3021/10/2014
VIR0257 - Peter CracknellBoeing 787-9 DreamlinerKLAS-3026/02/2017
RYR0176 - Alan JonesEGLL-3101/12/2011
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGHI-3205/04/2014
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGTE-3226/05/2014
DAL0254 - Christopher PeaceBoeing 747-400KLAX-3218/11/2015
EZY0287 - Alan ReidBAe Jetstream 4100EGNT-3206/03/2018
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyBoeing 737-800LFMU-3210/07/2018
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800KJFK-3324/10/2013
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGBB-3431/03/2014
RYR0176 - Alan JonesAirbus A319-100EGAA-3401/05/2014
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGBB-3528/05/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-300EGPH-3621/02/2011
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlAirbus A321-200GCLP-3621/10/2017
BAW0019 - Jonathan FenechAerospatiale-BAC ConcordeEGLL-36.9103/04/2011
RYR0176 - Alan JonesLEPA-3714/05/2012
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 747-400YPAD-3709/04/2016
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGNX-3818/09/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800DTTJ-3819/01/2015
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 747-400KSFO-3814/01/2017
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800LEIB-3930/04/2011
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 767-300EGKK-3916/05/2013
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlBoeing 737-800KATL-3921/01/2018
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800LMML-4025/01/2013
RYR0176 - Alan JonesAirbus A320-200LMML-4209/12/2011
RYR0176 - Alan JonesAirbus A320-200EGLL-4214/06/2012
RYR0176 - Alan JonesDeHavilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin OtterEGPF-4214/06/2013
VIR0257 - Peter CracknellBRITTEN NORMAN TRISLANDEREGJB-4217/09/2013
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGTE-4209/06/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800EGGP-4210/10/2014
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyMcDonnel Douglas MD-88KATL-4207/07/2015
DAL0001 - Nick HardingAirbus A320-200EGSS-4310/10/2011
DAL0001 - Nick HardingAirbus A320-200KATL-4315/10/2013
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 747-400KTUL-4314/04/2018
VIR0257 - Peter CracknellBRITTEN NORMAN TRISLANDERLFRD-4416/09/2013
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400LFRB-4425/07/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800LGKF-4515/03/2011
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 757-200TNCM-4505/11/2013
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyBoeing 737-800KATL-4506/04/2018
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 747-400YSSY-4608/04/2016
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-300EGNX-4831/08/2011
DAL0001 - Nick HardingAirbus A320-200LXGB-4803/05/2015
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 737-800EGGD-4827/04/2016
DAL0001 - Nick HardingAirbus A320-200EGNT-4928/03/2012
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 777-300ERNZAA-5003/07/2016
DAL0254 - Christopher PeaceBoeing 737-300EGCC-5008/11/2016
RYR0176 - Alan JonesMcDonnel Douglas MD-88KATL-5002/05/2017
BAW0019 - Jonathan FenechDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGHI-50.7507/03/2015
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 777-200EREGKK-5117/06/2015
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 737-800LEMG-5118/01/2016
DAL0254 - Christopher PeaceBoeing 737-800EGCC-5223/10/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 777-300HKJK-5231/12/2017
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyBoeing 737-800EGCC-5209/07/2018
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800KCVG-5305/01/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800LEMH-5320/09/2014
BAW0479 - Michael SiegristBoeing 777-300OMDB-5320/04/2016
DAL0001 - Nick HardingAirbus A320-200VHHH-5330/01/2017
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 737-800LZIB-5411/06/2013
RYR0176 - Alan JonesAirbus A320-200EGLL-5530/01/2012
BAW0005 - Simon O'SmotherlyBoeing 767-300KSAN-5515/03/2014
DAL0254 - Christopher PeaceBoeing 757-200LPFR-5515/06/2014
EZY0273 - Keith MannDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGKK-5509/07/2014
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 777-200EROBBI-5512/01/2015
EZY0273 - Keith MannAirbus A319-100EDDH-5510/10/2015
RYR0176 - Alan JonesBoeing 737-800EIDW-5502/01/2017
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlBoeing 757-200KATL-5502/09/2017
DAL0254 - Christopher PeaceBoeing 747-400VABB-5507/06/2018
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlAirbus A320-200BIKF-5621/05/2017
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlMcDonnel Douglas MD-88KATL-5603/09/2017
BAW0019 - Jonathan FenechAirbus A320-200LIPZ-56.1413/11/2013
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-400UKBB-5703/10/2011
BAW0207 - Mark SnellDehavilland Canada Dash 8 Q400EGFF-5725/04/2012
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlAirbus A320-200EFHK-5718/02/2017
EZY0623 - Jiri HejlBoeing 737-800KJFK-5705/02/2018
DAL0001 - Nick HardingBoeing 737-800LEXJ-5810/06/2013