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Recreate the Book of Souls World Tour 2016

Ed Force One is returning to the skies, this time in the shape of a Boeing 747-400! TF-AAK of Air Atlanta Icelandic to be exact and Virtual Aviators is the FIRST and ONLY virtual airline that lets you recreate the Iron Maiden Book of Souls World Tour using the very special aircraft.

The rules:

Iron Maiden TF-AAK Ed Force One

The tour starts on the 26th February and the fights will be available in the database from the 5th February

PMDG - An Iron Maiden TF-AAK Livery is available for the PMDG 747-400 (V1)

POSKY - TF-AAK Ed Force One by our own Simon O'Smotherly for the POSKY 747

Requires OS744V4_CF6-80 model FS9/ OSX744V4_CF6-80 FSX model and 747-400-GE-CF6-80C2B1 air files

The Legs (not all tour legs require flight):

  = Denotes flight is in database

  = Non-Flying Section

Stage 1 (USA)

  • ABD666A Cardiff to Fort Lauderdale  
  • ABD666B Fort Lauderdale to Tulsa  
  • ABD666C Tulsa to Las Vegas  

Stage 2 (South America)

  • ABD666D Las Vegas to Monterrey  
  • ABD666E Monterrey to Mexico City  
  • ABD666F Mexico City to San Salvador  
  • ABD666G San Salvador to Costa Rica  
  • ABD666H Costa Rica to Santiago  
  • ABD666I Santiago to Buenos Aires (includes Cordoba)  
  • ABD666J Buenos Aires to Rio De Janiero  
  • Rio De Janeiro to Bela Horizonte  
  • ABD666K Rio De Janeiro to Brasilia  
  • ABD666L Brasilia to Fortaleza  
  • ABD666M Fortaleza to Sao Paulo  
  • ABD666N Sao Paulo to New York (JFK)  

Stage 3 (Canada & USA 2)

  • ABD666O New York (JFK) to Montreal  
  • ABD666P Montreal to Toronto  
  • ABD666Q Toronto to Detroit  
  • ABD666R Detroit to Chicago  
  • ABD666S Chicago to Edmonton  
  • ABD666T Edmonton to Vancouver  
  • ABD666U Vancouver to Tacoma  
  • ABD666V Tacoma to Denver  
  • ABD666W Denver to Los Angeles (LGB)  

Stage 4 (Asia)

  • ABD666AA Los Angeles (LGB) to Tokyo  
  • ABD666AB Tokyo to Beijing  
  • ABD666AC Beijing to Shanghai  

Stage 5 (Oceania & Africa)

  • ABD666OA Shanghai to Christchurh  
  • ABD666OB Christchurch to Auckland  
  • ABD666OC Auckland to Brisbane  
  • ABD666OD Brusbane to Sydney  
  • ABD666OE Sydney to Melbourne  
  • ABD666OF Melbourne to Adelaide  
  • ABD666OG Adelaide to Perth  
  • ABD666OH Perth to Cape Town  
  • ABD666OJ Cape Town to Johannesburg  

Stage 6 (Europe)

  • ABD666EA Johannesburg to London Stansted  
  • ABD666EB Stansted to Munich  
  • ABD666EC Munich to Berlin  
  • ABD666ED Berlin to Lucerne (Zurich)  
  • ABD666EE Lucerne (Zurich) to Vienna  
  • ABD666EF Vienna to Arnhem (Schipol) 
  • ABD666EG Arnhem (Schipol) to Paris Orly  
  • ABD666EH Paris Orly to Donnington (East Midlands)  
  • ABD666EI Donnington East Midlands to Oslo  
  • ABD666EJ Olso to Gothenburg  
  • ABD666P Gothenburg to Cardiff  
  • All destinations beyond Gothenburg are serviced by Road Transport.

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