FlightSimLabs uses malware to steal passwords

Flight Sim developer FlightSimLabs appears to have been caught using malicious code within its software to steal personal data from pirates.

The same code, however, can be run to collect data from Google chrome including user information and passwords from legitimate users also.

Reddit user "crankyrecursion" discovered that a file called ‘test.exe’ was extracted onto the end users’ computer upon running the FSLabs A320 installation .exe.

If you run the file then the Chrome login file being automatically located, and the usernames and passwords are dumped into a console screen.

If the file is executed remotely then it could pass the information back to the FlightSimLabs who appear to have added it as an anti-piracy measure.

The fact that the file exists following a legitimate purchase leaves the file open to abuse from hackers or others with malicious intent.

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